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We are specialist Hospital Lighting Installers, based in the UK, who have carried out numerous electrical works at various institutions including hospitals, clinics and healthcare centres.

We have over 10 years in the lighting industry, with an excellent reputation. We have great reviews from our clients and will be happy to share references.

Hospital lighting solutions in Derry can be super effective in helping with patient happiness, it is also very common for hospital lighting to aid recovery time.

With expert installers nationwide, we can offer competitive prices and we can get quotes sent out to you in no time!

We offer a variety of Hospital Lighting services in Derry and are more than happy to assist you with anything from prices, dimensions to specifications. If you would like more information on our products, please contact us.

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What is Hospital Lighting?

Lighting plays a massive role in healthcare facilities, improving both the staff's ability to deliver their services to a high level and also the patient experience.

General lighting is a very important part when coming up with a lighting design, it is a process that can be often overlooked if you are not in talks with experienced professionals.

Hospital Lighting in

The benefits of hospital lighting are quite incredible, LED lighting can increase energy savings by up to 50% and even up to 80% with lighting control.

When getting new hospital lighting installed there are so many options to consider, we can work with any ideas your hospital have if they want to get creative.

Our high quality projects have allowed us to build a loyal client base, with a lot of our works being pulled in from recommendations and word of mouth.

Hospital Lighting Costs

The average cost of installing lighting in a hospital starts at £160 per light fitting. However, there are a range of factors which will implement the price of the project.

When providing a quotation for the installation, we will need to know the following:

  • Site location.

  • Type of lighting required.

  • Quantity of lighting.

  • Budget.

If you have any questions about the services we offer, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this.

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Operating Theatre Lights in Derry

Operating Theatres Lights in are specifically tailored to suit the unique needs of an operating theatre, this includes the adjustable colour temperature of the light.

Operating theatre lights can also be referred to as Surgical lighting.

Benefits of Hospital Lighting

Listed below are some of the benefits of hospital lighting:

Hospital Lighting in
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 50% with LED lighting and even up to 80% through lighting controls.

  • LEDs give hospitals the chance to invest energy cost savings in advancing healthcare facilities.

  • Simulate natural daylight to support patients' sleep, mood and recovery process.

  • Improves well-being of both patients and staff.

  • Improves concentration of facility staff.

  • The correct luminaires set the ambience.

What Type of Lighting is Used in Hospitals?

The type of lighting that is usually used in hospitals are LED lights, they are suitable for healthcare facilities and are very effective in improving the medical diagnosis and treatment of patients.

When installing hospital lights, they should be bright but comfortable and free of glare. It is important to make sure the lighting fixtures are evenly distributed, adjustable and cleanable.

Medical Lighting

There are a few types of medical lighting, from operating theatre lights, to mobile operating lights and examination lights.

This lighting fixture will need to be adjustable and cleanable, due to it needing to be sterile in this environment.

Hospital Ward Lighting

It is quite common for night lighting to be installed in hospital wards to provide enough light for patients to move around the ward safely, and also to allow nursing staff the ability to discern facial features and be able to check on patient's general condition.

The brightness of these light levels will vary and need to be able to be dimmed for the evening to be more relaxing.

Hospital Lighting in

Clinic Lighting

Clinic lighting solutions are usually on a horizontal plane and the illumination standard for them is 300 lux.

Hospital Patient Room Lighting

It is common for during daylight hours, the natural light is complemented with ambient lighting, this is to help the patient stay awake and provide enough light for staff to work.

Surgery Room Lighting

Surgery room lighting often referred to as operating lighting or a surgical light head s a crucial piece of equipment which massively assists medical staff by illuminating a local area or cavity of the patient.

The same kind of lighting can sometimes be found in examination rooms, this is to make sure doctors have the best lighting possible to diagnose patients correctly.

Hospital Emergency Lighting

Hospital Emergency Lighting is required for the movement of patients, staff and visitors to a place of safety. Depending on the healthcare facility, the emergency lighting will be key when spaces needed to be evacuated, this is a process called standby lighting.

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Healthcare Lighting Requirements

Listed below are the lighting requirements you would expect to find in a hospital:

  • Hospital Floor - 150 lux in the day and 50 lux at night.

  • Hospital Corridors - 200 lux in the day and 50 lux at night.

  • Hospital Stairs (landings and treads) - 150 lux both day and night.

Medical Lighting Manufacturers 

Listed below are some of the most common hospital lighting manufacturers:

  • Apollo Lighting

  • Brandon Medical Co

  • ETAP Lighting

  • Glamox Luxonic

  • Light Years Ahead

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What Type of Lighting is Used in Hospitals?

LED lights are the most suitable to be used in hospitals and healthcare facilities, research has found that they can help improve the diagnosis of patients.

What Type of Lighting is Used at Night in Hospital?

It is quite common in a hospital to have dedicated night light downlighters to provide tight controlled lighting throughout the hospital.

Why do Hospitals have White Lights?

Research has shown that in a healthcare environment, white light has become a key consideration in patient satisfaction as well as patient wellbeing.

Hospital Lighting in

Why is Good Lighting Important in a Hospital?

We have found that the quality of the visual environment has a positive effect on any occupant's feelings of well being in the case of hospitals and healthcare facilities, we have found also that it can have a positive effect on hospital staff as well.

Do Hospitals Use LED Lights?

Yes, the introduction of LED lighting has been an incredible addition to healthcare facilities and healthcare staff, the problems of eye tiredness in surgeons operating were massively reduced with the introduction of LED lighting.

What is the Main Goal of Hospital Lighting Design?

The main purpose of hospital lighting design is to improve the quality of the patient's stay, we always want to make the recovery process as quick and easy as possible and we have found that lighting can aid that.

What are Surgical Lights Called?

Surgical Lighting or operating lights are what you will commonly find in an operating room or surgery practice, however, these lighting solutions can also be used in various locations throughout the facility to improve light quality for both procedures and patient rooms.

What is the OT Light?

Operation theatre light is a medical device intended to assist medical specialists during surgical practices by illuminating a localised area or cavity of a patient.

What is the other name for operating lights?

The other name for operating lights is surgical lights, which are mainly used in both operating theatres as well as surgery centres.


Hospital Lighting is a great energy efficient way to improve the well being of your hospital.

A well thought out lighting design can have lifelong impacts on patients' lives. We offer some of the best lighting services throughout the healthcare sector and look forward to providing our services nationwide.

With the amount of energy consumption hospitals require it is incredibly important that you go with a energy efficient option to get the best value for your money.

Research has shown that hospital lights can play an important role in not only patients but also healthcare staff.

Hospital Lighting in consulting rooms is an under-appreciated thing we have found through installations, this is a very important area as it sets the tone for how the patient is going to be feeling before entering for an exam.

This can also be said about reception areas, they massively set the tone for how a patient perceives their trip to the hospital that day.

Based on your needs and location, we can offer an instant quote for your hospital lighting fixtures, which is guaranteed to be the most cost effective solution for your hospital.

We can also take care of the maintenance of our hospital lighting, we offer super competitive maintenance costs in Derry to make sure you are getting the best value for money.

Contact us today if this sounds like something you would be interested in, and we will get back to you with a quick quote.

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