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We are an experienced team of professional commercial lighting installers in Na h-Eileanan an Iar who can install various lighting systems to suit your needs.

Commercial Lighting is a growing market due to the positive impact it can have on productivity and mental health in a commercial building.

We provide a cost-effective solution to your commercial lighting needs. With how many lights are needed to light up a commercial building effectively, it is incredibly important that they are efficient and long-lasting.

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Why Choose Commercial Lighting?

Here at Commercial Lighting, we are expert lighting installers with multiple years of experience in the commercial lighting industry.

We have worked with hundreds of clients across the country to provide bespoke commercial lighting to their buildings.

When it comes to getting a new lighting fixture installed in your commercial building, there are so many options to consider, and we can work with any ideas our clients come up with to create the most enjoyable and productive office space.

Our high-quality projects have allowed us to build a loyal client base operating up and the UK, with many of our works being pulled in through recommendations and word of mouth.

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Commercial Lighting Costs

The cost of a standard LED light bulb is between £25-£30 per bulb.

This will give you around 25,000 hours of use.

Commercial Lighting in

However, prices in Na h-Eileanan an Iar can range quite a lot as there are a lot of factors that go into a commercial light installation, some of the cost factors are:

  • Maintenance

  • Heat Load

  • Length of Stay

  • Rebates

  • Illumination and Productivity

  • Size of Building & Amount of Lights

Outdoor Commercial Lighting

Outdoor commercial lighting can be used for a number of areas. We can provide light fittings for schools, garden centres, hospitals, factories, warehouses, retail parks and a range of other commercial businesses.

Our team offers an extensive range of outdoor commercial lighting. These include the following:

Exterior LED Lighting

Outdoor LED lighting is usually used to illuminate areas such as public gardens, campuses, walkways, and streets. It is quite common to find outdoor LED lighting attached to poles.

Wall packs are the most common kind of exterior LED lighting and are usually installed onto the wall of your building or another surface to illuminate the perimeter of the property.

LED Landscape Lighting

LED Landscape lighting is often found at garden centres, parks, public gardens and various other areas.

This type of lighting gives the client an amazing opportunity to draw attention to the area. If you require more information on this type of lighting, please make sure to get in touch today and we can offer the best prices in Na h-Eileanan an Iar.

Flood Lights

Flood lights are a crucial lighting design for outdoor areas such as parking lots, sports fields, and campuses.

Sports floodlights are one of the most popular types of lighting that we provide. These are used when visibility is poor on sports fields, sports courts and stadiums.

Installing an LED floodlight with the right strength and wattage could be the solution for you.


Sensors commonly used, such as dusk to dawn sensors, optimise lighting based on the sunrise and sunset times in your area.

The LED will be much more efficient as it can turn itself off when it isn't needed.

Commercial Exterior Lighting Fixtures

A lighting fixture, or light fitting, is an electrical device that provides illumination. Depending on the choice of lighting design you choose will determine the efficiency of the light itself.

The type of fixture will depend on what you plan to use the light for. For example, you will not require big sports floodlights for a small playground area.

Our team can offer help and advice when it comes to exterior lighting. For more information, please complete our enquiry form and we can assist you.

Benefits of Commercial Lighting

Finding the perfect lighting option for you can be a daunting task, but we hope to make that process a lot easier and simpler for you. Our experts can give you information and inform you about the best choice to make for not only your requirements but your budget.

Commercial Lighting in

Below listed are some of the benefits of Commercial Lighting:

  • A Long Lifespan

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Improved Environmental Performance

  • The Ability to Operate in Cold Conditions

  • Design Flexibility

  • Instant Lighting and the ability to withstand frequency switching

Commercial Lighting Installers Na h-Eileanan an Iar

No matter how complex your ideas are for a lighting fixture, a professional lighting company like ours makes the installation easy and hassle-free.

Our commercial lighting installers can discuss the different options in detail to help you decide the right choice for you.

Our main goal as a company is to completely remove the stress from not only the designing process but also the installation process.

Types of Commercial Lighting

There are various types of commerical lighting to choose from. We have listed some information about the different types of Commercial Lighting we offer:


Halogen lighting is a type of lighting system that is essentially a more improved version of incandescent lighting.


Incandescent lighting uses electricity to heat a wire or a filament until it is hot enough to glow. If this process were done in the open air, in the presence of oxygen to filament would burn up before it got that hot.


Fluorescent lighting is one of the more versatile lighting styles, this lighting design is the one you would expect to encounter at a school, office, or supermarket. They are most commonly known for their energy efficiency.

Commercial Lighting in

High Intensity Discharge (HID)

High-Intensity Discharge lights are very similar to fluorescents, however HID lamps generate much more light, heat, and pressure within the tube itself.


LED lights are significantly more energy efficient than equivalent incandescent lamps and can also be much more efficient than fluorescent lamps.

What is Commercial Lighting?

Commercial lighting refers to any lights (indoor or outdoor) that are installed in a commercial environment.

It is an important part of creating a productive and positive environment in an office building.

Research shows that embracing LED commercial lighting in commercial properties has a massive increase in both comfort and productivity, LED commercial lighting is the closest form of lighting we can get to natural lighting.

Our experts in Na h-Eileanan an Iar HS3 3 have found that certain light levels have been shown to positively increase worker performance, resulting in increased reading speeds and fewer errors in spelling.

Our LED lights have been known to last for 50,000 hours, however, we have some products that can even output light for up to 100,000 hours.

What are the Lighting Requirements for Commercial Buildings?

Listed below are some of the commercial building regulations for LED lights:

  • Ensure compliance with NET LED's range of LED Lighting Solutions

  • Important to look for LED lights with flammability-rated diffusers

  • The types of diffusers to look for are TP(a) and TP(b)

We suggest that TP(b) diffusers are installed in more open areas, whereas TP(a) diffusers can be installed wherever.

Commercial VS Residential Lighting

The difference between commercial and residential lighting is the purpose of the lighting.

Residential lighting is typically used as ambient lighting. It also adds functionality and comfortability to a residential property.

Commercial lighting, on the other hand, is much more focused on creating a productive and safe environment for people to work in.

Commercial lighting can be much more varied than residential, whether it's improving employee health and wellness or illuminating a workspace for productivity.

Overall it is quite common for commercial-grade lighting products to be better quality and last much longer. This makes sense of course, due to the scale of commercial buildings when compared to residential buildings.

For more information on the lights we can install in Na h-Eileanan an Iar please complete our contact form now.


Why do Commercial Buildings Use LED Lights?

Commercial buildings use LED lighting, as LEDs has many benefits when directly compared to halogen and commercial fluorescent lighting.

The biggest benefits are improved energy, energy maintenance efficiencies, and better quality light.

What is the Best Type of Commercial Lighting?

The best solution we would suggest for a commercial building is LED lighting.

This is because they are energy efficient and have a very long lifespan which makes them cost-effective in time. Our experts have found that LED lighting has the best quality of light cost ratio.

What is the Most Efficient Commercial Lighting?

The most efficient commercial lighting is LED lighting.

We have listed some of the benefits of LED lighting when compared to other lighting styles:

  • Long lifespan.

  • Energy efficiency.

  • Improved environmental performance.

  • No heat or UV emissions.

  • Directionality.

Commercial Lighting in

Why Commercial Lighting Design is Important?

The design of commercial lighting is very important, as it can massively enhance employee productivity, and satisfaction and can often time create a better engaging atmosphere for your employees.

High-quality lighting is very important to showcase your store products.

Does Commercial Lighting Need to be RCD Protected?

Commercial lighting does need to be RCD protected unless you have documentation stating no such protection is needed.

Electrical Accreditations

Listed below are some of the Electrical Accreditation our team in Na h-Eileanan an Iar possess, making us the most trustworthy and reputable installer around.

  • Approved Contractor Scheme & Domestic Installer Scheme

  • Safe Contractor Accreditation

  • Ancillary Contractor Certificate

  • Employer's Liability Insurance

  • Public Liability Insurance

Commercial Lighting Safety Requirements / Environmental Requirements

Listed below are some of the safety requirements for Commercial Lighting:

  • LEDsi lamps for general lighting services with supply voltages not exceeding 50 volts.

  • Specifies safety and interchangeability requirements, test methods, and conditions required for LED lamps.

  • Typically rated wattage up to 60w

  • Install GFCI for added protection when it comes to outdoor and indoor lighting.


If you're looking for the best Commercial Lighting Company in the UK, then look no further. Our team of professionals can help you and guide you through your commercial light purchasing process.

If you want to find out more information on what we can do for you, simply fill out the enquiry form to talk directly with us and provide more information on everything we can do.

We look forward to hearing from you regarding any project you have and being able to look after your lighting needs, giving you peace of mind and complete trust in our company in .

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