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Looking for an expert floodlighting installer? You have found the right business for you. We have over 10 years of experience in the sports floodlighting industry, and our professional team of installers can work with you to find the right fit for you.

We offer a wide variety of lighting solutions, including anything from sports facilities to commercial lighting.

Sports Floodlighting Contractors Hedenham

We are industry experts in Hedenham and have an outstanding reputation for professionalism. We provide top-of-the-range solutions for all levels of sport, from professional leagues to amateur and junior clubs.

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What is Sports Lighting?

Sports lighting is the type of lighting that is used to illuminate large areas such as sports pitches, courts and fields for sports events.

Artificial lighting solutions are a must when a game is being played after sunset, indoors, or in an enclosed environment.

The main aim of sports lights is to provide quality lighting on the playing surface to ensure visibility for both the players and the audience.

Sports Lighting Costs

The average cost for sports lighting is £17,950. However, costs will vary depending on the specification you require.

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When providing a quotation for floodlighting, we will need to know the following:

  • Size of the training area.

  • Where the electrical supply is.

  • Site location.

LED lighting is more expensive than traditional lighting, however, it is more energy efficient so you can make savings in the future of this types of lighting fixtures.

Football Pitch Floodlights Cost

The average cost of football pitch floodlight costs in the UK sits anywhere between £45,000 and £55,000.

How Much Does it Cost to Run LED Floodlights?

It will cost you around £2.50 an hour for a full stadium setup of LED floodlights.

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Types of Sports Floodlights

We offer a wide variety of Sports Floodlighting throughout the UK. Below we go into more detail to help you find out which option will suit you best.

Football Pitch Floodlights

Football pitch floodlights are a crucial part of a football stadium and allow pitches or large areas to be flooded with light. This is the perfect lighting solution for wanting to play games at night and in the winter months.

Tennis Court Lighting

We offer the latest high-efficiency LEDs sports lighting systems. This is one of the best lighting solutions we can offer to your tennis court lighting.

This lighting solution provides great light distribution and is ideal for tennis players.

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Indoor Tennis Court Lighting

AEC's LED floodlights for outdoor and indoor sports lighting projects are designed to illuminate the court without wasting energy and increase visual comfort for players and spectators.

Rugby Pitch Lighting

Rugby Pitch Lighting should be bright and uniform. The lighting should provide uniform illumination over the full surface.

Netball Court Lighting

Netball Court Lights are much easier to have installed as you don't require planning permission, and you have the ability to place the lights anywhere and everywhere.

LED Sports Lighting

Outdoor LED sports lighting fixtures are usually used to light large areas which are commonly used for recreational activities or competitive sports activities.

What are the Benefits of LED Floodlighting in Sports?

There are a wide variety of benefits of using LED floodlighting. We have listed a few of them below:

  • Improved visibility for the players, spectators and officials.

  • Increased safety.

  • LED lighting is much more energy friendly.

  • Outdoor LED sports floodlighting is cost-effective.

  • Sports floodlighting has a longer lifespan.

LED lights were developed with a sports council to ensure the fitting provides the highest quality of light and the best colour rendering possible is achieved.

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There is a whole list of reasons that we could get into as to why LED sports floodlighting is a massive improvement, fill out the contact form to talk with us more in-depth on this.

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Who Should Consider LED Sports Lights?

Listed below are some of the sports that use LED sports lights:

  • Football Field LED.

  • Tennis Court LED Lights.

  • Hockey Lights.

  • Golf Course Lights.

  • Basketball.

  • Athletic Training Facilities - can be used for running track practice etc.

  • Leisure Centres.

Stadium Floodlights Hedenham

There is a wide range of stadium lighting products available, listed below are the various options:

  • 960W LED Floodlighting.

  • 480W LED Floodlighting.

  • 240W LED Floodlighting.

  • High Mast LED Floodlights.

  • GX1 LED Low Bays.

Safety Requirements / Environmental Requirements

Listed below are some of the safety requirements for floodlighting in the UK:

  • EN 12193 requires that sporting events that might be dangerous with the absence of lighting be suspended to ensure the safety of the participants.

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Do you Need Planning Permission for Sports Floodlights?

All sports floodlighting projects require planning permission.

The planning period will often vary in time, but it is quite common to expect a twelve-week period.

Obtrusive light pollution must be kept to a minimum when installing floodlights. This will be discussed in the design stage.

Which Brand of Flood Light is Best for Sports?

The best kind of sports floodlighting we would suggest is a brand of LED lighting.

LED lighting has major benefits. These include reduced maintenance costs, reduction in energy consumption, and significantly better lighting performance.

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How Many Lumens is a Good Flood Light for Sports?

We would suggest that usually, 65,000 lumens is a good amount; however, you can easily increase that up to 162,000 lumens.

Lumen output, combined with appropriate beam patterns, will provide your sports pitch with the right solution.

What Wattage is Best for Outdoor Flood Lights?

The range of wattage we would suggest for outdoor flood lights is between 40 to 80 watts.

How Many Lumens is a Stadium Floodlight?

The average stadium floodlight would contain around 450,000 lumens.

The lighting design is really important to make sure you have the correct light distribution in your training area.

How Much Electricity do Floodlights Use?

Old-fashioned halogen bulbs are the most expensive to run, and costs can usually range from £100 to £200 a game.

New lights with are LED, generally run at 50 an 150 watts.

Can Flood Lights get Wet?

Outdoor lights can get wet as long as their IP rating is waterproof. We would always suggest making sure they are waterproof before choosing to buy and install them.

What are Acceptable Lux Levels?

Lux levels are the levels are placed should be lit at. The recommended lux levels for a training pitch is 120 lux.

What is Low-Glare Lighting?

A lower UGR value indicated less glare and therefore related to a more visually comfortable environment.


If you are looking for a lighting company that can produce high-quality systems to light your sports pitch, look no further.

We carry out lighting projects nationwide and offer many services throughout the sports sector.

We can also provide you with UV-C services for project design, planning, installation, operation, and maintenance.

If you want to find out more information on what we can do for you and the kind of lighting design we have to offer, just fill out the enquiry form, and we can assist you with any problems or queries you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you regarding any sports lighting project you have in mind. Our business aim is to give clients complete peace of mind and trust with any sports floodlighting installation.

Contact us today to discuss any specific lighting projects that you have, and our project team will be more than happy to help out.

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